Seaside Police Officers Association Endorse Ralph Rubio for Mayor

Seaside Police Officers Association Endorse Ralph Rubio for Mayor


It is with great pleasure that the Seaside Police Officers Association announce our endorsement of incumbent Steve Bloomer for City Council, and candidate Ralph Rubio for Mayor. The Association believes Councilmember Bloomer and Ralph Rubio provide the citizens of Seaside with the strongest support for a strong community-police relationship and opportunity for growth.

Ralph Rubio has, and is, a strong supporter for increasing the strength of the Seaside Police Department and public safety in Seaside. During his tenure as Mayor, Ralph Rubio was a staunch supporter of police programs that directly impacted the quality of life for Seaside’s residents.

The Seaside Police Officers Association feels that Felix Bachofner has misled the community about the staffing levels of the Seaside Police Department. Bachofner has stated he has kept the police department fully staffed. This statement is not factual at all. Over the past few years, the police department has lost almost ten officers, two reserve police officers, two evidence technicians, two record technicians and three jailers. To compensate, specialty positions in the department such as motorcycle patrol, the community liaison officer, one school resource officer and detective positions have been reassigned to basic patrol duties to maintain minimum public safety services. None of the lost positions have been filled. In the last two months, we have lost two officers that took positions with a neighboring city. Part of the reason these officer left is because of the severely damaged relationship between the City Council and the Police Officers Association. Bachofner recently claimed he has added a police officer to the department by approving the hiring of one officer. However, all that has really been done is to approve the hiring of an already vacated position. The Seaside Police Officers Association feels the recent increase in public violence throughout the city is directly related to the number of officers we are able to place on the street. The Seaside Police Department has lost too many vital employees and needs strong supporters of public safety on the Seaside City Council.

The Seaside Police Officers Association also endorses Steve Bloomer for council as he has always kept the interest of the community as his first priority. He has been a steady influence on the council and done his best to maintain a healthy relationship with the Seaside Police Officers Association and realizes the importance of public safety within your community.


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