It is hard to believe, but election year is upon us again!  I am excited to continue serving this community as Mayor of Seaside, which I have been doing for over a decade now, and I hope that I can count on your support again this year.

I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together during this term as Mayor, with the help of the community, local businesses and leaders like you, we have stayed true to our commitment to Keep Seaside First!  We have successfully attracted new businesses, restaurants, car dealerships such as Tesla, Hyundai, Fiat, Volkswagen and more. Our auto dealerships are actively expanding their facilities and sales revenues are up. We have been very busy this year catching up on the economic development projects for the City. The In and Out is now open and the Senior Assisted Housing Project has been approved, the 26 acre Commercial/Retail Center, the Monterey Downs Project and the Surplus II Mixed Use Project are all under Exclusive Negotiation Agreements and working their way through the process.  We were also able to restate the Developer Disposition Agreement for the Hotel at the Bayonet/Blackhorse Golf Course and the Request for Proposals for the Main Gate Regional Shopping Center has been released. This and much more has been accomplished with strategic planning and focused use of our resources.

We have paved major streets and secured 8.5 million dollars for improvements downtown. A solar project to save general fund monies was approved for City hall. We were able to add police officers and fully staff the fire department. I plan to continue aggressively improving the revenues for public safety, street maintenance, park improvements and recreation programs for our youth and improved service for our seniors. The projects in the pipeline will provide those revenues and much needed jobs for our community and I will continue work on our water solutions and business attraction and retention for our local community.  I am committed to meeting the challenges ahead with experienced leadership and careful planning, so that Seaside can continue to be an economically sound and prosperous city.

I am writing today to ask for your support. Running for Mayor is a constant job, with an election every two years. Your support will allow me to maintain a strong campaign, and focus my time and energy on the issues affecting Seaside.

Thank you in advance. I pledge to you that I will always listen and I will keep Seaside First!


SignatureRalph Rubio
Mayor, City of Seaside